onsdag 6 november 2013

We know were you live

Emma cried for a while and then she fell a sleep. She woke up and eat breakfast. She was terrified to go to school. What if someone in school wanted to hurt her. Mabye Rachel lied? What if it was her and she was going to hurt her after school? She went to school, ahe was terrified all day but nothing happend. 

A few weeks later the texts got really bad. Emma told her parents and the called the police.  Emma got to stay home from school and the police talked to everyone in school. First the police asked all girls some questions. When it was Rachels turn she started to cry. She was so nervous. The policemen asked her some questions and she cried during all the questions and then finally she told the truth. Rachel  said that she sent all the texts. 
Emma wasn’t really mad at Rachel but Emma wanted to be best friends with her agin, And the became best friend again!

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