onsdag 5 februari 2014

Creative Connector

When i was about 3 years old me, my dad and my mom lived in a small apartment in Malmö. I had my own room but then i got a little brother and he had to take over my room. I had to live with my brother in the same room for a few weeks but he screamd all the time so i wanted get my own room. My mom and dad didn’t know what to do. After a few weeks dad came up with an idé. We had a empty ’walk in closet’ in my mom and dads room. It wasn’t huge but it weren’t really that small either. My dad took in my bed and all of my toys. I lived in that closet until i was 4 but then we moved to Billeberga. I loved to live in that closet. I was always in there  playing with my toys. It was so cozy in there. 

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