onsdag 21 maj 2014

The Island

I think the movie want to say that a lot of terrible stuff can happen in this world without no one knowing about it or thinking about it. During world war II there were a lot of
Koncentrationcamps in Germany, Poland and some in France. Hundred thousands died there without the world knowing that these camps exicted. There is still people today that think all of that was a lie and that the Jews made  it up to make the Germans look bad, which is not okay. The Nazists didn’t see the jews as humans, they were just things that took their money and jobs. Merrick dosen’t see the clones as real humans. They’re just things, something that isn’t really alive. I see the clones as humans because they are exactly like real humans except that they aren’t as smart.

What does Jordan mean when she says ‘The Island is real. It’s us’

I think she means that we already have everything we need in life. We have a family, a house to live in, food on our table and we’re able to do whatever we want. It is just that we can see how good we have it. We just want more and more. We can’t see how good we actually have it until it is gone.

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