onsdag 24 september 2014

Music to me

Music have always been a very important thing in my  life. There is one song i have listened to with my mom and dad sience i was 4 years old. Feel with Robbie Williams. It was recorded in 2002 and the text is about someone that wants to fall in love before he dies and that he has so much love he want to give to someone and if he doesn’t all the love he wants to give will just go to waste. We played it really loud and danced around. My brother sat in the couch watching us dance around but when he learned how to walk he dance with us too. It was really fun. When me and my brother were a little older we got a little sister and we danced around with her on our hip and when she started to walk she danced with us to. Last week she started going to dance classes and she thinks it’s really fun. Today me, my little brother and mu little sister stil have dance partys to that song. I don’t really listen to the song that often muyself but when i play it remember all the fun times i’ve had with my family so the song means a lot to me.

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